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AEM 240 9.19

AEM 240 9.19 - • Potential for increased profit •...

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9/19/07 AEM 240 NOT ON FINAL: Agenda: Segmentation (Rationale, Criteria, Bases) Market Segmentation Rationale Increase sales (…profit and ROI) o 1 product, 1 market o Multiple products, multiple markets When groups are segmented into different needs we can price discriminate/market efficiently o Mass customization Caution: also, increases Costs o Production o Marketing Criteria to Use for Effective Segmentation
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Unformatted text preview: • Potential for increased profit • Similarity of needs within segment • Difference of needs across segments • Potential of action reaching segment • Simplicity (Cost) of assigning buyers to segment Bases for Segmentation • Geographic—region o Different cultures and habits in different parts of the world • Demographic o age...
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