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Bryce Wiggins ENG 140.11 Mr. Driggers 18 October 2017 Rear Window Analysis “The Space of Rear Window” by John Belton, suggests ideas of how the narrative is pushed forward by the characters diction and acting. Alfred Hitchcock presents this intelligent film by breaking it up into various dramatic scenes from a theatrical viewpoint. We see all these scenes happening through Jeff by looking out of his window to understand what’s going on. This is done with dark and light shades that create mood and push the motive of the narrative forward after one thing has happened; fading into another scene. Other factors that create that emotion the audience gets is how the set is designed which portrays each apartment room to connect to the audience in a good or bad way. As the audience is looking from Jeff’s apartment window, we get to see the story and action unfold even though it is always from the same camera angle/perspective. One point that sums up the meaning of “space” is that it makes us think that
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