PRT 266 EXAM I - PRT 266 EXAM I STUDY GUIDE Hi all, One of...

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PRT 266 EXAM I STUDY GUIDE Hi all, One of the best ways that you can study for the PRT 266 Exam is to review the major objectives from each chapter. To facilitate this process, I have provided the objectives for you, organized by chapter number. While studying, review the lecture material and notes (PowerPoint) that address each objective. Pay special attention to definitions and prepare yourself to respond to how specific subject matter affects your desired career as a sport manager. Students should also review past quizzes (available in WebCT) and reflect on classroom discussion to assist in their preparation. Exam format will include multiple choice and matching questions. Chapters covered, include 1- 7 Good luck!! Chapter  1  Objectives 1. Compare and contrast different definitions of sport and identify a variety of activities that fall within these definitions. The Council of Europe and Miller (1994) pg.6 2. Differentiate between sport and sports. Sports are Collection of separate activities. Sport is all encompassing concept 3. Identify several different settings in which sporting activities occur. 16 on pg. 8 4. Discuss examples of traditional and nontraditional sporting activities. Traditional basketball, tennis, golf, football, swimming and soccer. Nontraditional all others 5. Explain three different ways of organizing (segmenting) the sport industry. Product type model, performance, production, promotion Economic impact model, entertainment, products, support organizations Activity model produce, provide, sell and trade 6. Identify and explain four unique aspects of sport management. Enterprise financial structures, career paths, social institution
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PRT 266 EXAM I - PRT 266 EXAM I STUDY GUIDE Hi all, One of...

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