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cherrished posession.docx - Megan Walker Per 5 2nd When I...

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Megan Walker Per. 5 9/28/16 2nd When I won second place at my school's science fair, I felt apprehensive.The science fair was on a hot sweltering day; I was eager to show everyone what I did. For my project, I put an egg in clear vinegar for 3 enduring weeks. I took detailed pictures, created an organized poster, and completed a fascinating experiment. Arriving just in time, I saw all the cool and exciting projects being set up on white tables. I was directed to my spot and I impatiently start setting up my bored and experiment. A friend mine came over to me to see what I had done. She was so interested by my project that she touched it multiple times and ended up puncturing my egg causing it to leak. I
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