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chemestry final review shhet - Final Exam Study Guide 50...

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Final Exam Study Guide 50 questions + 5 extra credit questions. If you know and can apply the following, you should do well on the final. I. Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. The basic language of chemistry: 1. Can you identify a substance as element, molecule, atom, or compound? (chapter1) As an anion or a cation? 2. Looking at the periodic table, can you recognize if an element is a metal, non- metal or metalloid? If it is alkali metal, an alkaline earth metal, a transition metal or a noble gas? (chapter1) The basic quantitative aspects of chemistry: 1. Can you balance a chemical reaction correctly? (chapter 1 and applied rest of chapters as we wrote redox reactions, dissociation reactions, combustion reactions. .etc.) 2. Can you use reaction stoichiometry and substance stoichiometry to do relative number of atoms, number of moles and mass and molar mass calculations?(chapters1,4) 3. Can you do Molarity calculations?(chapters7,10) Energy considerations: 1. Do you understand coulomb ineractions? Similar charges repel and opposite charges attract, attractive forces lead to a decrease in energy and repulsive forces lead to an increase in energy…etc. (chapter1 introduces the concept which is applied throughout the book from bonding to solubility to intermolecular forces, and mp of ionic solids. .etc. ) 2. Can you convert between the energy of radiation and its frequency? Between wavelength and frequency? (chapter2) 3. Do you know the effect of effective nuclear charge on orbital energy? 4.
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chemestry final review shhet - Final Exam Study Guide 50...

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