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Group 2 Study Final - Group 2 Study Guide Question 1 Who...

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Group 2 Study Guide Question 1: Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.’s primary audience, according to Hariman? Cox? What are the differences in these two rhetorical criticisms of “IHAD?” Hariman: Hariman notes that the first 29 paragraphs of the “I Have a Dream” speech are directed to the “to the national (and so largely white) audience” (213). King then addresses the black audience, which Hariman says is King’s “special audience.” So, according to Hariman, while the speech has two audiences, King’s address to the black audience is the primary one because in that address King was “struggling against more radical speakers for continued control of his movement” (Hariman 206). Radical wing Cox: According to Cox, King’s primary audience is the white moderates because has to do with title of speech with the fulfillment of time, dealing with gradualism, Cox doesn’t want us to focus on gradualism, most importance quote for cox is “the urgency of now” Comparison: Cox argues that in his “I Have a Dream” speech, King succeeded in conveying his “fierce urgency of now” notion of the state of the civil rights movement in America against the gradualism of the white moderates. He says he believes that King’s dream addresses an important source of legitimation in political culture: public time or the sense of timing of social change” (Cox 182). And that King through the speech brought that “timing” to the immediate present. Hariman, contrastingly, maintains that King reconstituted gradualism in “I Have a Dream,” reasserting a moderate voice for the movement in the midst of the radicalism of such people as Malcolm X and the Muslims. Question 2:
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Group 2 Study Final - Group 2 Study Guide Question 1 Who...

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