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Group 3 Final - Question 1 According to Burke(Hauser 1 what...

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Question 1: According to Burke (Hauser 1), what is identification, and what is its relationship to division? Identification is the persuasive act of transformation that reminds us of our similar substances (beliefs, properties, thoughts, values) Primary function of rhetoric is to produce identification Consubstantiality: the process of bringing together the substances in order to reach identification Identification is dialectic, it automatically implies the opposite, division Division occurs through scapegoating, othering, dehumanizing, terministic screens MISidentification occurs through deceit – symbols used to create a false sense of unity How would you know what the rhetor is dividing from: look at the language Question 2: What are the codicils (components) of Kenneth Burke’s “definition of man?” multiple choice, listing the 5 Symbol-using (misusing) animal o Whereas other animals can emit meaningful sounds or signals in code to their species, only humans can reflect on this fact. Therefore, because we can use symbols and reflect on our symbols, we are able to engage in the creative activity of making social realities with our language and symbols.use o However, because symbols evoke responses to cognitive and emotional meanings rather than simple reference to material properties of existence they can create confusion.misuse Inventor of (or invented by) the negative o As symbol-using animals, we can make choices that go beyond the factual “is—is not” to the moral realms of “shall—or shall not”m has to do with the negative o In other words, we engage in moral choices of why we should or should not do something? o Therefore, the use of the negative to criticize choices anchors our morality as ethical creatures in our ability to use symbols. Separated from his natural condition by instruments of his own making, language
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Group 3 Final - Question 1 According to Burke(Hauser 1 what...

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