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CR-436-2009-mid - is National Institute of Technology...

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Unformatted text preview: is? National Institute of Technology, Rourkela - 769008 Mid— Semester Examination, 2009 Session: 2008-09 Semester B. Tech: 8‘11 Semester Subject: SOFC Technology (CR-436) Department Code: Ceramic Engineering Full Marks: 60 marks Duration of Examination: 2 Hours Answer all Questions Figures at the right hand margin indicate marks All parts of a question should be answered to the point at one place Marks a) Explain why Fuel Cell technology is gaining ground as alternative energy source. 4+5+3+ b) What are the basic requirements for different component of Ceramic Fuel Cell? “3+3 0) Define thermodynamic efficiency, Voltage efficiency and current efficiency of a fuel cell? (1) Explain voltage efficiency by considering different kind of polarization observed in SOFC. c) Find out the power/current relation for a SOFC. a) Draw the variation of defect concentration as a function of oxygen partial 20+4+6 pressure for C210 doped ZrOz system. Use electroneutrality condition and relation of different defect concentration with oxygen partial pressure. b) How will you prepare YSZ fine particle by hydrolysis method from commercial source of zirconia? 0) Discuss the effect of different rare earth dopant on the conductivity of stabilized zirconia. ...
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