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Sample annotation and critique / cite guides and services The following is an annotation and critique for a peer-reviewed journal article. You may use either MLA (Modern Language Association) or APA (American Psychological Association) formatting for your references. I included both so you can inspect their format. MLA style: Meyer, Kevin R., Stephen K. Hunt, K. Megan Hopper, Kashmira V. Thakkar, Vicky Tsoubakopoulos, Kaylee J. Van Hoose. "Assessing Information Literacy Instruction in the Basic Communication Course." Communication Teacher 22.1 (2008): 22-34. Print. APA style: Meyer, K.R., Hunt, S.K., Hopper, K.M., Thakkar, K.V., Tsoubakopoulos. V., & Van Hoose, K.J. (2008). Assessing information literacy instruction in the basic communication course. Communication Teacher, 22, 22-34. Summary: This article presents the results of a research study designed to assess the effectiveness of information literacy instruction in basic communication courses, such as introduction to public speaking. The experimental group received library instruction, completed research logs, and participated in lessons on tests of evidence and logical fallacies. In general, the
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