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AFAM 101 Notes(2) - AFAM 101 Notes August 23, 2007 What...

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August 23, 2007 What makes a person a slave? What makes a person a servant? The word “slave” comes from the Slavs (of Slavic descent) who were the most likely to be enslaved in Western Europe. The term doesn’t have to do with descent/race/culture, etc. Servant comes from a Latin root. A servant serves. DUH! Servant and survive are both from the same Latin root. Thus, people who survived wars were slaves. Usually in America when we think of slavery, we think of men, however, globally and in the US, slavery was dominated by women and children. Men did not survive and were more likely to be killed because they were viewed as a larger threat. Children can be incorporated into society as second class children. Women can have more slave children. Women were also easier to manipulate and could reproduce slavery without having to capture more people. This had a tremendous affect on the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Runaway male slaves in NC were castrated. Women had the top of their ears cut off if they were captured runaway slaves in NC. Thus males’ reproduction capabilities was not valued. So what makes a person a slave? Vast majority involuntary, once you get in, you can’t get out. Ownership, can be sold/bought, considered property Acknowledge at some level that you are a human being Can be destroyed even though it is illogical Majority of people were born into slavery, which is different from being a prisoner or servant Slaves can be rented, considered collateral, could be repossessed if bankrupt Property issue Perpetual (unlike indentured servants) condition of property is hereditary More facts: An average field slave cost $1000 in 1840, which is equivalent to $25,000 in today’s money 12 Million people were on ships that left from Africa, 10 Million got off the ships in the “New World” Brazil had the largest slave population 4 million came from Africa Hispanola (Haiti and Dominican Republic) imported about 1 Million slaves from Africa Less than 500,000 came to the United States August 28, 2007 How could you support democratic ideals and believe that slavery is an appropriate economic pursuit? Thomas Jefferson example: wrote the Declaration of Independence, fathered slave children (Sally Hemmings), owned slaves Portugal was the first country to begin slave trading. The transatlantic slave trade began almost 80 years before Columbus discovered America. Spanish quickly became the major consumers. This relationship between Portugal and West Africa in 1420. Portugal was dominated by Catholics although the Muslim Empire ruled Spain and Portugal. How can you espouse Christianity?
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AFAM 101 Notes(2) - AFAM 101 Notes August 23, 2007 What...

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