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Humor Defines Me(final) - Lastname 1 ENG 101 February 29,...

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Lastname 1 ENG 101 February 29, 2008 Paper #2 Humor Defines Me Have you ever considered the many different types of humor that exist around you and which forms of humor you truly enjoy? I had never given the idea a moment’s thought until I received this classroom assignment requiring me to explore my own sense of humor. Humor can take many forms, sometimes its outcome can be benign and sometimes it can be at the expense of others. After logging everything that I found humorous over the past several days I was surprised to discover what defined my sense of humor was fairly varied, and definitely different from my initial perception. While I initially thought my preferences would have been categorized under wit and sarcasm, I discovered that I mostly gravitated towards humor which tended to be at the expense of others and revolved around political and social issues, as well as current events. My humor predominantly rested in subject matter that fell under parodies, satirical humor, and some forms of blue humor. I also found that I enjoyed one-liners. As a freshman, I have observed that parodies prevail in everyday campus life here at NCSU. Parody generally arises when an author cleverly edits the work of another to create a humorous shadow of the original song, poem, story, etc. “Often a parody that is light and good-humored is referred to as a spoof and is often used as a hoax or prank (H.Mady).” Popular artists such as Weird Al are known for editing the lyrics of popular music to ridicule the author of the original song or even the song itself. Over the past few decades, a new form of parodies involving films has come to fruition. Examples of these film spoofs include movies such as Scary Movie and Not Another Teen Movie . Generally, in order to understand the humor of a parody, it is
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Lastname 2 necessary to view the original episode. Over the three days I spent logging humorous events, the majority of what I found to be funny came from adult cartoon shows such as South Park (a Comedy Central show) and Family Guy (originally a FOX network show). South Park is famous for well-developed parodies about actors, music artists, celebrities, political parties, laws, or administrative decisions. One of its parodies about a music artist I found hilarious was the episode titled “The Jeffersons” in which an obvious parody of Michael Jackson is played out. It mimics the much talked about Neverland Ranch at his home, his inappropriate relationships with children, and even the many plastic surgeries he is purported to have undergone on his face and nose. It also plays on the belief held by some African Americans that the police target rich black men to bring them down for no reason other than jealousy over their successes. While I found this show funny, it does not mean I don’t believe that stereotyping and racism still exist in the world. I believe that South Park’s writers did an excellent job selecting a universally controversial figure to ridicule who has been a media topic for most of his entire life. Another form of humor that dominated my list was satire.
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Humor Defines Me(final) - Lastname 1 ENG 101 February 29,...

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