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LvY CH30l 54590 Fall 2006 hofessor CamPion Exam I 1. Classis the following substances as heterogeneous mixtures, homogeneous mixtures' compounds or elements' (5 Pts) a) Silicon cleoqe^f , ' b) Silicon dioxide ,,A'"'\Po'hr c) Milk ho.^r. oq o.r-r oluj 3nl f,'hr? d) Dirt L^,el ap\t^C6vr lr^ ;to4UY4- 2. Answer each of th{e following: (15 pts) a) State the law of conservation of mass in your *n lot9t: b) Which of Oafton;s portul"l.t is most ctearly related to this law and in what way? c) Which is the moreiestrictive statement ttre Law of Conservation of Mass or Dalton's Postulate and whY? d)Arethesestatemensuniversallytrueand,ifnoqunderwhatcircumstances. a;€evt;J or ?h7t,zt( fcr1' ,L) l,l alf iJ co^roftel d"a/,h7 d^7 ffr, et""t tt^t* bc etctt+tl vw( d,,sl'+,'l,el b) D4loq,t r.l" psh.,ta,le:, on'i--*t o'(a uJ's*'^r'hhfa t hrr1. oL,o,^ic,r4 fe-a-ch,a,.g 1g Ll.^ t1^oir ilaa{r f, ef, -Th ,i a. [t'& I 4o LC'P| Le.o.ut l- ,'+ ^*atl 7ac*tein vtrchanTtt( rh a( cl^e.rn-c-i. I Trao'fib. th.- n4a" reu^at h ! unJaq.lVt/ a'l'Jo ' a) Do l#o*' ) ,po111lrlc t'! llror€ ruf {n} h'a- b" "^oft ' !r e"$n's or^ ^A l,LU""rf ?o^ Ilrrvi^+ {1*'4 LC i4 d"c5 twf i haf oa 17 {rvtr+Sl lr,v.fl bc ktsatv'J bn+ ulottic 'denl';1 ^P wc ll. 4\ /fI| i rt grnolcar yeacl'fon5 /4e tt is 6..t an krvcel *h, ^tlD*, a+/t ec.l*;n L, . af arl - 6 I
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3.TheThompsoncathoderaytubeandMillikanoildropexperimentscharacterizeda a new fundamental particle' (15 pts) , a) Describe the basic set up of each experiment, including a simple sketch' It is not necessary
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CH301H_Fall_2006_Sample_Exam_I - LvY Fall 2006 CH30l 54590...

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