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Popular vs Academic Writing Bar Flies

Popular vs Academic Writing Bar Flies - lastname1 English...

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lastname1 English 101 February 18, 2008 Paper #1 Popular versus Academic Writing: Bar Flies Courtship Does alcohol impact the sexual orientation of bar flies? Two authors address this question using two markedly different writing formats: popular and academic. Hyun- Gwan Lee’s article titled “Recurring Ethanol Exposure Induces Disinhibited Courtship in Drosophila” which was published by PLoS ONE on January 2, 2008 is an example of academic writing. “Bar Flies: What a New Study on Alcohol and Fruit Flies Can Tell US about How Booze Affects Human Sexual Behavior” was written by author Sarah Kliff as a popular article for Newsweek.com, and was also published on January 2, 2008. A comparison of their writing styles on the topic of inebriated bar flies clearly, and at times, humorously reveals the distinct differences between these two forms of writing. While both authors wrote to different audiences about how alcohol impacts the sexual habits of bar flies, Kliff focused on the more sensational side of media writing when describing the effects of alcohol on bar flies in her popular article, while Lee detailed his academic article with lengthy studies, and compared the outcomes of his research with other published academic studies on related ethanol research and experiments. Three differences rise to the surface when reviewing the two articles written by these authors. First, the targeted audience that each writer is seeking to interest is distinctly different. Secondly, the technical detail within each article varies widely. Finally, the tones of the two articles differ with the use or absence of humor.
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lastname2 The targeted audiences are distinctly different for the Newsweek and PLoS ONE publications. Kliff’s popular Newsweek.com article about alcohol and bar flies was written to appeal to the masses to which the publication caters. There is no discussion about the Kliff’s credentials to write this article (LOBO 2). While she referenced Lee’s academic publication, Kliff’s article provides a broad, informal overview which is shorter and easier to read than Lee’s (LOBO 5,7). Written at an elementary level which can be
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Popular vs Academic Writing Bar Flies - lastname1 English...

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