Exercise 5 analysis - Exercise 5 Analysis Giselle Zornberg...

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Exercise 5 Analysis Giselle Zornberg October 11, 2007 1. High mitotic activity is observed in the zone of division, with cells undergoing all the levels of mitosis. The amount of cells undergoing mitosis gradually decreases as the cell enters the zone of elongation. In the zone of elongation, cells begin to grow and cease dividing. In the zone of differentiation, no mitosis is prevalent, organelles can be observed as individual cells become more specialized, and root hairs begin to grow. 2. The Safranin stains the nucleus, while the Fast Green stains the cytoplasm and cell walls. These stains allow for easier observation of mitosis and cytokinisis. Because the zone of division consisted of a higher level of pink staining (thus, a higher concentration of nuclei), it can be concluded that there is a high level of cell division in this area. Green stain became more prevalent as the root tip entered the zone of elongation and zone of differentiation. This demonstrates that the level of mitotic activity decreased because there are less nuclei present, while revealing that the level of differentiation increased because the amount of cytoplasm increased. Differentiation corresponds with the amount of cytoplasm because an increase in cytoplasm corresponds with an increase in organelles and, thus, a specializing of tasks. 3. The first stage in sea urchin development is fertilization, in which the sperm fertilizes the sea urchin egg by acrosome reaction. A fertilization envelope develops surrounding the egg to prevent polyspermy. The egg expanded slightly, growing from 100 micrometers to 125 micrometers.
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Exercise 5 analysis - Exercise 5 Analysis Giselle Zornberg...

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