Environmental Policy (student edition)

Environmental Policy (student edition) - Environmental...

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Environmental Policy Background The Treaty of Rome (1957) – led to the establishment of the EC, contains no reference to environmental protection. Single European Act (1987) – EC explicitly adopts environmental objectives which include: 1. To preserve, protect, and improve the quality of the environment 2. To contribute towards protecting human health 3. To ensure a prudent and rational utilization of natural resources. Maastricht Treaty (1992) – extended the EC’s environmental policy objectives to include the goals of “sustainable and non-inflationary growth respecting the environment” and promoting measures to help resolve global environmental problems. Environmental Action Programmes – set out the framework for environmental policy making in the European Union and outline actions that need to be taken to achieve them. To date, there have been 6 Action Programmes (1973-76, 1977-81, 1982-6, 1987-92, 1993-2000, 2002-12). As well, by the end of 1992, over 175 legally binding acts and non-binding measures relating to the
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Environmental Policy (student edition) - Environmental...

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