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Bodhisattva Path

Bodhisattva Path - THE BODHISATTVA PATH A One hears the...

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THE BODHISATTVA PATH A. One hears the Dharma. B. Inspired by the Dharma, one performs good deeds and accepts the grace of others e.g., teachers, bodhisattvas), thus benefitting from their merit and building one's own merit. C. One develops the "thought of enlightenment" (bodhicitta), which 1. cancels previous bad karma 2. stimulates the development of merit 3. ensures good rebirths. D. One takes the bodhisattva vows , which become a driving force -- a personal destiny that leads one higher and higher. E. One practices the six perfections (the paramitas) : 1. dana - "giving, generosity": includes self-sacrifice, transfer of one's own merit to others (just as one received from others in "B") 2. śila - "morality": avoiding ten forms of misbehavior (just as in Theravada) 3. kshanti - "patience": (1) not becoming disturbed or agitated by anyone or anything; (2) having faith in difficult doctrines (such as shunyata, "emptiness"); (3) practicing forgiveness 4. virya - "vigor": similar to "Right Effort" (in the Eighfold Path)
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