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Millard Fuller - Millard Fuller Habitat for Humanity...

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Millard Fuller- Habitat for Humanity Habitat for Humanity is an International Non-Profit organization that helps people with very low incomes get into their own homes. This organization was founded by Millard Fuller and his wife Linda in 1976. It is a Christian ministry that uses what Millard calls “economics of Jesus” as their economic philosophy. It is a no-profit and no-interest program that stems from the Exodus 22:25 biblical passage. It’s philosophy basically says that those lending money to the poor shouldn’t act as creditors who charge interest. President Jimmy carter believes that the success of the organization depended on Fuller’s faith and perseverance which made progress possible. The 29 year long leadership of Millard Fuller created this worldwide Christian housing ministry which built 200,000 homes in 100 countries worldwide. Millard wanted to provide decent and affordable housing for all and founded Habitat for Humanity in 1976. In September of 1996 former president Clinton awarded Fuller the highest civilian recognition possible called the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Millard Fuller graduated from Auburn University and also from the University of Alabama law school. While he was still in school, he and a friend started their own marketing firm. Millard was a self made millionaire by the age of 29 but as his business grew and became more successful, his integrity, marriage, and health suffered. He had great entrepreneurial abilities and business expertise but subjective qualities of his life were suffering. This caused Millard to re-evaluate his personal values and he began a soul-searching journey that later stemmed Habitat for Humanity.
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Millard and his wife made the decision to sell all of their possessions and give money to the poor. Both of the Fullers embarked on a quest to reset their life focus. This ultimately saved their marriage and strengthened their Christian beliefs. On this soul searching journey, the Fullers traveled to Koinonia Farm located in Americus, GA. This was a Christian community that focused on looking for practical ways to apply teachings from the Christian religion into their lives. Later, Koinonia founder, Clarence Jordan and a few others started making many partnerships which included a ministry in housing. The ministry built no-profit, no-interest, affordable homes for families with low incomes. What was unique was that the families themselves took part in the construction of not only their home but also the homes of other low
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Millard Fuller - Millard Fuller Habitat for Humanity...

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