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WRTG 111 ASS 2 - Adam Sherman Writing 111 Dr. Maggie...

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Adam Sherman Writing 111 Dr . Maggie Gerrity Marketing Identity Today, advertisements seem to be everywhere we look . Spam e-mails, billboards, commercials, banner advertisements on websites and pop-ups are just a few of the types of advertisements being shoved in our faces . Now advertisers are trying to get smarter instead of just increasing the volume of advertisements they flood the market with . Advertisers are trying to maximize the effectiveness of an advertisement by targeting specific markets and tailoring their campaigns to meet the wants and needs of that niche . Identity marketing seeks out a specific buyer and tries to sell its product to that buyer by making their product seem especially desirable to them . Using traditional methods advertising companies could waste money placing advertisements in the wrong market . For example, life insurance advertisements are not aired on Nickelodeon because practically nobody watching Nickelodeon is looking to buy life insurance . Identity marketing is clever and agencies that employ the technique know that life insurance will sell much better if the commercial is aired during a PGA Golf tournament . This is so because many more of the viewers of PGA Golf are in the
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market for life insurance than viewers of Nickelodeon . Identity marketing is a smart way for companies to bring their products to the people who want them . Recently, Cadillac has been using identity marketing to help sell their CTS model . New commercials featuring Kate Walsh, a television actress, have been airing on Oxygen, (a primarily women’s channel), regularly . One such ad features Kate Walsh driving a sexy-red CTS through a city . She voices over the scene saying buying a car is not about “pop-up navigation or a six CD changer in-dash” (while conveniently listing and showing these all these nice features) (Turn (Kate)) . The voiceover says what
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WRTG 111 ASS 2 - Adam Sherman Writing 111 Dr. Maggie...

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