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Adam Sherman Intro to Mass Media Writing Assignment 1 Professor Williams Recently a democratic hopeful, Hillary Clinton, has shifted gears in her campaign technique. Mrs. Clinton has started slinging mud at her rival, Barack Obama’s, good name. Most recently she accused him of being a Muslim in an effort to sway voters before the Ohio and Texas primary elections. The truth is, politicians’ use these tactics of smear campaigns are just trying to shift voters attention away from the real issues at hand. Politicians use mass communication such as radio and television advertisements to
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Unformatted text preview: reach a very large audience with their unethical messages about rivals and how they voted to raise taxes or to give schools less money. This is a blatant dysfunction of mass media when it comes to transmission of values. The politicians who use mud slinging are showing the country that it is okay to slander another person’s good name. Politicians are supposed to be role models for the youth of the nation. When they attack another politician without good cause, they not only perpetuate the cycle but teach through example to those who seek to follow in their footsteps....
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