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ANT test one review - Definitions and concepts The...

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Definitions and concepts: The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis: o The idea that there is an explicit link between the grammar of language and the culture of the people who speak that language o Vocabulary reflects the social and physical environment of a people o Grammar of a language may encourage certain ways of looking at the world o The selection of metaphors also has an impact on the meanings we assign to experience Ethnography: o Distinctive method of research and writing which brought together the previously separate processes of collecting data and theorizing or writing about the data. Written description of a culture. The written product of fieldwork. o Ethnographic research process: o captures cultural diversity o Allows for a cultural critique of ourselves o The immersion of researchers in the lives and cultures of the peoples they are trying to understand in order to comprehend the meanings these people ascribe to their existence. Fieldwork: o The act of entering the stream of life of the culture the anthropologist wants to understand Participant Observation: o The active participation of the observer in the lives of his or her subjects. o What participant observation is not: doing something that you disapprove of, or that the people consider inappropriate for the visitor; or that places you in physical danger o Fieldwork experiences vary from place to place and person to person and time to time Culture Shock: o sense of the shock of living in a new culture: o You become obsessive; you regress, paranoid, reclusive. You are confused. Your understanding of things is only partial, and you realize that all the things that you learned to be moral, are not necessarily so. Key Symbol: o In every culture, certain symbols acquire greater significance o These symbols serve as major vehicles for conceptualization of notions such as justice, freedom, peace, success Psychic Unity of Mankind: o states that all human beings, regardless of culture or race, share the same basic psychological and cognitive make-up; we are all of the same kind . o Franz Boas
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“Original affluent societies” : o a theory postulating that hunter-gatherers were the original affluent society. . The significance of the theory stems from its role in shifting
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ANT test one review - Definitions and concepts The...

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