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HDF 304/WGS 301 – Family Relationships Fertility and Family Planning Review Sheet Fertility and Family Planning 1. What is the difference between fertility and fecundity? 1. Fertility refers to actual reproduction…whether or not people are having kids. 2. Fecundity: the ability to reproduce 2. Identify the three broad categories of reasons people have children and be able to provide examples of each. 1. Biological drive—want to have kids Sex drive (promote procreation), experience of kin relations is rewarding, status/we are socially and sexually competitive 2. Societal expectations—norms Expected 3. Personal Preferences---growing up with big families Costs and benefits of kids, desired family size, sequential decision- making (have girls still want a boy) 3. What determines fertility? (2 broad predictors) Social, economic, and environ. factors and Proximate determinants a. What are the differences between the two? Prox deter: direct predictors—biological and behavioral S,E,En: b. How do they function? In other words, what role do they play in the overall picture of what predicts fertility? PROX DETER: biological factors alone, decrease theoretical 35 kids to 15 kids. Behavioral factors further take number to what we see (2 kids) S, E, Env: education increases, fertility decreases; c. Which of the two are most important for predicting fertility rates?
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Fertility%20and%20Family%20Planning%20Review - HDF 304/WGS...

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