Parenting Review - HDF 304/WGS 301 Family Relationships...

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HDF 304/WGS 301 – Family Relationships Parenting Review Sheet Parenting 1.Know the name ‘Baumrind’ and all about her typology approach to classifying parenting styles. Baumrind- key to development is to develop social competence(the development of the ability to  function in the social world).  o Interviewed hundreds of parents and created a system…. o Utilizing typologies     Balance of responsiveness and demandingness 2. What are the 4 parenting styles according to Baumrind? 1. Authoritarian     a. Use punitive means of controlling-  they control behavior by punishing b. Low levels of: Nurturance, Communication, Support c. More demanding than responsive 2. Permissive     a. aka indulgent or nondirective b. Very nurturing and supportive c. Little control over behavior d. More responsive than demanding e. Spoil the child; don’t expect much out of the child 3. Authoritative a. Communication that involves reasoning b. Influence is rational, not coercive c. Provide guidance and set limits d. Balance of responsiveness and demandingness e. Takes a lot of time and work at first; but requires less work later f. Most successful g. Authoritative- V- victory!
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Parenting Review - HDF 304/WGS 301 Family Relationships...

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