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Emile Durkheim - Emile Durkheim Advocated that crime is...

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Emile Durkheim- Advocated that crime is healthy for society because it leads to public sentiment against such actions. Without crime those injuries to society would be present in almost everyone crime acts as an example of what not to do. The article this relates to is the normality of crime. Term: Erving Goffman Article: The Presentation of Self from Howard Others seek information about an individual in order to help define a situation; what he will expect of them and what they should expect of him. There are two things an individual does so that others are impressed by him; he gives an expression, and gives off an expression. Giving an expression is the traditional communication, verbal symbols. Giving off an expression involves a range of actions that occurs during communication that conveys some sort of information. An individual is often tactful/aware of their actions in a social or public situation so that the individual may control the impression others may receive of him. Subculture: a group within a society that sets itself apart by means of unique beliefs or behaviors. The article I want to use for that definiton is Nacerima. Fraternities are a group within a society who clearly have different and unique ways of behaving and their beliefs may be different than that of the general society. Term: social controls= all the various attempts to control the population in order to protect society's social patterns, both through rewards for conformity and punishments and threats for nonconformity. Article: Code of the Street (the code of the street is "a set of informal rules governing interpersonal public behavior, including violence" this is a control. Society is a social organization of people. It is the largest social organization that individual identify with and are socialized into; they are constantly affected by its social patterns. -Charon, Ten Questions In Ross Haenler's article, "Core Values of the Straightedge Movement," he outlines a social organization, who as a whole, opposes mainstream culture. The members of the Straight Edge Movement refrain from drugs, alcohol, tobacco and in some cases sexual activity. Select members may be
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involved with the vegetarian and feminist movements, as well as support animal rights and various political issues. This specific type of lifestyle ties the straight edgers together as a society. One example of the sXe youths social interaction is the hardcore "shows", the function of
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