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Basketball memoir - Leslie Roach EXSS 101 Physical Activity...

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Leslie Roach EXSS 101 Physical Activity Memoir 1/31/08 Basketball Days Basketball has always been a major part in my life. It has shaped the person I am today and as I continue to reflect on the times and trials I faced during my days as a player, it continues to influence the person I am growing into. When I was old enough to hold a basketball, my journey as a ‘baller’ began and still to this day, though in a different form, has not ended. Basketball, though only in a word would be thought of as a sport, in my opinion it is a short two hour example life: ups and downs, sprints and pauses, tears and joy, wins and loses. It is because I feel so strongly about this sport that it has shaped my life and given me a passion for life. With out basketball I do not know who I would be. That is not to say however that I am only basketball, it is just to say that basketball has had a major impact in formulating my personality and actions. Basketball kept me alive in high school and at the same time almost ruined me. My junior year of high school had promises of a solid year. The team had worked all summer through sweat and blood to be preseason forces and uphold our region number one rank and nation number five ranking. As school started with boring classes and long days in uniform: button down shirts, khakis and dress shoes (probably loafers, although I always had my doctor write me a note with some excuse to wear tennis shoes) I could not wait for basketball to start to give me a reason to suffer through cruelties that came along with high school. A full course load awaited me each morning at eight twenty- five sharp as the late bell rang: five AP classes, which would require my complete attention. Still, all I could think about was this up coming season, the season we would go all the way, State Champions, the first ever in our high schools history. The season finally started in mid-October and began gloriously as we were undefeated through out first ten games. Though we did finally have a couple loses, we won our
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Basketball memoir - Leslie Roach EXSS 101 Physical Activity...

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