Anth 107 excavation

Anth 107 excavation - Leslie Roach Site Excavation...

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Unformatted text preview: Leslie Roach Site Excavation Anthropology 107 2/18/08 During the excavation at the Occaneechi site there were several small or fragmented artifacts that were found, along with soil stains that showed various sites of where the Occaneechi made their living spaces. A variety of techniques were used to discover the artifacts, including: plow zone, 20-liter waterscreen sample, flatshoveling Top of Subsoil and troweling Top of Subsoil and Postholes. While the excavation did lead to some crucial information about the Occaneechi people, there were various limitations to the findings, which in turn limited the conclusions that could be drawn about the Occaneechi people. The twenty block section that was excavated showed many artifacts that were of Virginia and European decent. Such artifacts were pipes, gunflint and glass and shell beads. Another key find in the excavation were animal bones, mainly white tail deer. These two findings reveal two distinctive traits of the Occaneechi people. They were involved in the trading game with other people, which also means they the Occaneechi people....
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Anth 107 excavation - Leslie Roach Site Excavation...

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