NeuroMuscular - in place-More afferent projections than...

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Hey! Hope this helps  Motor Control Tenomuscular receptors: Gamma and beta lengthen equatorial region because they contract sarcomeres  which excite Ia and II afferent (makes muscle spindle think joint position is changing) o Sarcomeres only in the polar regions Alpha motor neuron causes contraction of intrafusal fibers o Beta motor-neurons are branches off the alpha motor-neurons and affect  intrafusal fibers o When extrafusal fibers contract (alpha motors) intrafusal fibers contract  (gamma and beta) Efferent motor neurons plug into muscle fibers that innervate muscle spindle fibers  sensitive to change in length, gamma motor neurons cause contraction of intrafusal  muscle fibers Injure a ligament/cartilage and get mixed up messages or not messages Ensable coding: work with memory, good because if something goes wrong there is a back up 
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Unformatted text preview: in place-More afferent projections than efferent Information can guide long-duration movements, such as staying in the middle of the lane when driving Information cannot guide rapid movements: not possible to make corrections in movement using feedback because we cannot process it fast enough Short-duration movements: once started cannot be stopped, voluntary movements are preprogrammed Graph slide: First spike = spinal stretch Second spike = long-latency stretch reflex Third spike motions = voluntary movement If keeping arm at 90 degrees, then told not to worry about it falling down if get hit, the long-latency reflex decreases or ceases to exist (shows that reflex is related in intention of task)...
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NeuroMuscular - in place-More afferent projections than...

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