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Unformatted text preview: Communications Through Managing eMail Today We Will Cover We will Not Cover How to Think About Your Email Workflow How to Think About Your Work How to Use email to be More Effective How to send emails How to set up rules in your inbox How to use public folders How to sort, color, flag, organize email Will IM takeover for Email? 7590% of Email traffic is SPAM IM has no "memory" IM is "prescence aware"; Email is not IM is considered a security risk Corporations worry they cannot track IMs Corporations like that they cannot track IMs Can send viruses/worms Is not encrypted so interception is easy Email What is email? What isn't email? A way of getting information from many different people on many different topics in one place An organized list of the work you need to do The only place you get information Work What is work? What isn't work? A set of tasks or projects centered around a common goal Sending emails Shuffling paper Discussing a subject with no objective Points of Importance Outlook vs. Exchange Soft Skills vs. Technical Skills Route campus email to KenanFlagler email How do you process email effectively? Morning Turn Off Your "Bling" Check Email At Designated Times Goal Keep Inbox Empty Don't File Anything Use Search Don't Answer Email First Thing in the Limiting Behaviors Limiting Behavior #1 Using Your Inbox as a Task List Limiting Behavior #2 Touching an email twice (in your inbox) Handle an email in two minutes or less Limiting Behavior #3 Never Deleting Emails Limiting Behavior #4 Keeping multiple "collection points" for information Limiting Behavior #5 Unclear Emails = Lots of Emails How Do I Organize My Work For Ultimate Productivity? Decision Point #1 Do you combine Work and Personal? NewsClip Decision Point #2 What are your Goals? What are you trying to accomplish? On the job In your career In your personal life Definitions Meaningful Goals Tasks Categories Butch Davis, Head Coach, UNC Football (when asked by the News and Observer, "what will make you happy?", August 25, 2007 N&O) 1 "I want us to have success. I want every kid to love being here. I want 2 3 them to graduate, get their degree, 4 become significant contributors as alumni. Football wise,...I'd like to see us in preseason where North 5 Carolina should be a perennial preseason top10, top15, top5 type of a program and for us, every Saturday, to know that we have a Eugene O'Kelly Former CEO of KPMG (from his book, "Chasing Daylight" which details the last three months of his life after discovering he had late stage brain cancer) my electronic calendar. And I'd move ahead in at least one of three areas I'd resolved to improve when I was elected to the top spot by the 1partners....: Growing our business; 2 Enhancing quality and reducing risk; 3 ....Making our firm an even better place to work, indeed a great place to work, one that allowed our people to live more balanced lives" "....I'd complete lots of items listed on Personal Goals/Ojectives Career Become Senior Sales Analyst by January 2007. Health Run my first marathon before I am 23 years old. Home Buy my first home before I am 25 years old. Tasks Are: Are Not: Things you need to do to reach a goal Include Actionable Items (i.e. get phone number for John) Specific Notes for reference General or vague Categories Your choice what is important to you? You will use Categories for Tasks You may use them for filing emails Groups of Categories to Consider: The people you work with regularly Projects Goals TASKS in OUTLOOK Creating Categories Changing Categories to what matters BS405 Class Golf Club Habitat for Humanity 1:1 Dr. Sherman Personal Business Personal Goal: Climb Mt. Everest Business Goal: Get Hired at IBM Business Goal: Be Top 15 in Class We Want Your Categories In Your Outlook Click on Tasks in taskbar Click on New in Upper Left taskbar Click on Categories in Bottom Right of the task Click on Master Categories in Bottom Right of the Category list Select All Delete (make sure you don't want any of these categories) Type in your 1st category Add New Master Category List (Example) Default Category List Decision Point #3 Is the task before you something that will move you closer to your Meaningful Goals/Objectives? Show Outlook Tools Example of Email that can be acted on immediately Example of Email that needs to be turned into a task but that needs to be broken into smaller tasks Example of Email that is a task Sucessful Behavior #1 Setting Goals Sucessful Behavior #2 Schedule Time in Your Day to Do The Things You Need to Do Sucessful Behavior #3 Periodically Review What You Are Doing Against Your Goals Sucessful Behavior #4 Turn Off Automatic Notification on Your eMail Sucessful Behavior #5 Answer email only a few times during the day don't let email rule your day Sucessful Behavior #6 Don't answer email for the first hour of your day Sucessful Behavior #7 Know Your Corporate Culture Around eMail and Calendaring Take Aways Focus on what you want to accomplish Find ways to keep yourself focused on your goals These are tools for you to Accomplish Periodic Reviews of those Goals Status Reports Something It is up to you to determine what you are going to accomplish. Take Always Cont... Learn to Use the Tools Your Have Only Do What Make Sense to You Technology changes Rapidly So Yon Must Continue to Learn How to Use It Don't Assume How will "Know" How What Works for Others May Not Work for You Questions? ...
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