Introduction to Microscopy

Introduction to Microscopy - Introduction to Microscopy:...

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Introduction to Microscopy: Examining an Onion Root Tip Tommy Nguyen BIO 206L, Spring, 2007 2/7/07
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Materials This lab that we took part in provided that we used certain materials to achieve the best results possible. One instrument that was used during the experiment was a microscope. This was an important piece of the lab because we needed a microscope to examine anything we couldn’t see with our eyes. Onion roots were also used to observe cells in mitosis and practice staining. The stains used were hydrochloric acid and aceto- orcein. Slides were used to view specimens under the microscope. Once we had a good look at the specimen, we had to record our findings by using a computer with a camera attached to a microscope. Again using the microscope, we examined epithelial cells which were gathered from the inside of our cheeks with a toothpick. This substance was then stained with methylene blue. Lastly, we examined diatoms slides already prepared for us. Procedure Many steps were taken during the course of the lab. First, we were introduced the microscope and taught how to correctly operate the machine. The experiment started with us scraping the epithelial cells inside of our cheeks and spreading it into a slide to dry for a later experiment. Then we used the microscope to view onion root tip cells that were
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Introduction to Microscopy - Introduction to Microscopy:...

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