Lab 2 Bio 206L - Using Materials to Measure and Present...

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Using Materials to Measure and Present Data Tommy Nguyen Bio 206L, Spring, 2007 1/31/07
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Materials Many tools were used to measure and record data during this procedure. Different volume pipettes were used to measure the amount of volume and in particular we used micropipettes to measure small amounts of volume. Beakers were used to hold larger amounts of waste that were labeled “for collection.” Other types of measurement included the Erlenmeyer flask and graduated cylinder. Mass was weighed with an electronic balance and a weighing boat. NaCl was also used in a mass experiment. A human skeleton was used in measuring length. The measurements were made by a measuring tape. Procedure Our first step in the lab was measuring mass. We used the electronic scale to measure 2 grams of NaCl on weighing boat. Then we filled the 100 mL graduated cylinder with 50 mL of water. After adding the water to the graduated cylinder, we added the 2 grams of NaCl to the water and measured the solution. Our next exercise was measuring volume. We were to practice using the 1 mL, 5 mL, 10 mL, and micropipette. While using the micropipette, we had to make ten 800 microliter samples and determine the mean volume and standard deviation. We then used three different means of measurement to see which was most accurate by looking at the meniscus
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Lab 2 Bio 206L - Using Materials to Measure and Present...

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