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Unformatted text preview: Ancyra (ankara, turkey): temple of rome and augustus (ca. 25 b.c.) Imperial cult pola (pula, croatia): temple of rome and augustus (after 2 b.c.) Augustales: priests of augustus (usually freedmen) Lares: spirits of a household or place Genius augusti: spirit of augustus augustus livia Major events of the early augustan period 20 b.c.: parthia is subdued; crassus' standards (lost in 53 b.c.) are returned 19 b.c.: agrippa defeats the cantabrians in spain 18 b.c.: augustus' moral legislation (a series of leges juliae) aimed at the aristocracy: laws against excessive spending for luxuries (sumptuary law); against adultery; requiring marriage; favoring the production of children 17 b.c.: the secular games (from saeculum, "age," "long time," "century": compare spanish siglo)--ushering in a new age of happiness Coin of 17 b.c. celebrating secular games caduceus Augustus of prima porta marcus vipsanius agrippa Maison carre (nmes, france): 19-16 b.c. Later dedicated to his sons, adopted heirs of augustus: gaius and lucius caesar (after their deaths and deification) pantheon Stagnum agrippae Baths of agrippa Bridge of agrippa, Villa of the farnesina Horologium augusti Gnomon: from heliopolis, egypt Ara pacis augustae (13-9 b.c.) ...
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