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Unformatted text preview: Horologium augusti Gnomon: from heliopolis, egypt Ara pacis augustae (13-9 b.c.) Dedicated to the goddess pax (peace) e n s w Aeneas in lavinium Lares / penates "I am Aeneas, duty-bound [Pius], and known above high air of heaven by my fame, Carrying with me in my ships our gods Of hearth and home [Lares, Penates], saved from the enemy." (Aeneid, book 1) Lares / penates Mars, faustulus, Romulus & remus Tellus (Earth)? Abundantia? Pax (peace)? roma North side South side South side Forum of augustus Temple of mars ultor ("avenger") Vowed 42 bc. (battle of philippi), dedicated 2 b.c....
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