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1/19/18 Chapter 1 for communication: foundations of human communication -quote of the day: “the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it as taken place.” -George Bernard shaw Why do we study communication? -communication touches every aspect of our lives -we study communication: -to improve your employability -to improve your relationships -to improve your health What is communication? -human communication is the process of making sense of the world and sharing that sense with others by creating meaning through verbal and nonverbal messages ( need to know ) Communication characteristics -communication is: -inescapable -irreversible -complicated -emphasizes content and relationships -governed by rules Communication competence -anyone can communicate but effective messages must be competent -3 criteria for competent messages: -understood -achieve intended effect -ethical What are the key components?
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-source: encoding- process of translating thoughts and ideas into a code (code: system of rules
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