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Chapter 7&8: interpersonal communication What is interpersonal communication? - interpersonal communication occurs between two people who simultaneously attempt to mutually influence each other, usually for the purpose of managing relationships Interpersonal vs. impersonal relationships -interpersonal: -make predictions based on information about the other person -use knowledge of the others as a unique person as the basis for the interaction -impersonal: -make guesses about the conversation based on norms -respond to their roles rather than who they are Influence of interpersonal communication -interpersonal communication involves relational quality -interpersonal involves mutual influence our ability to influence our relational partner -interpersonal communication helps manage the relationship Can choose your friends but not your family… -relationships of choice -friends -romantic partner -spouses -relationships of circumstance -family -teachers -classmates -co-workers Interpersonal attraction -interpersonal attraction is the degree to which one desires to form or maintain an interpersonal relationship with another person
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-reasons for initiating relationships - similarity : birds of a feather flock together - physical and sexual attraction: degree to which we find a persons physical appearance appealing. Sexual is to the degree in which you would have sex with them - proximity : out of sight out of mind - complementarity : we got needs Communicating our attraction - matching hypothesis: seek out the same people who are as physically attractive as us - immediacy behaviors: how we communicate our attractions - reducing uncertainty: we use information to reduce uncertainty -passive strategies: oberserve others -active strategies: asking a third party about the person you are attracted to -interactive strategies: going to the person you are attracted to - ask questions - avoid self-absorption - compliment How do we communicate our attraction online? Mediated interpersonal communication -how do we flirt online/text? -can you tell when someone is flirting online/text? -which is more effective flirting online/ text or F2F? -is snap chatting flirting?
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