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Unformatted text preview: Forum of augustus Temple of mars ultor ("avenger") Vowed 42 bc. (battle of philippi), dedicated 2 b.c. Mars ultor type rome roman relief, algiers exedra Summi viri Patera (phiale) Attic Caryatids Jupiter ammon Athens, erechtheion Athens, erechtheion "golden age" of athens under pericles (ca. 454429 b.c.) Mrida, spain (Augusta emerita, capital of lusitania) Roman altar, carthage Etruscan aeneas Palladium (athena promachos) Statue fragments from Sperlonga, italy Lavinium: site of aeneas' death and hero cult Numicus river Cult site of aeneas Lavinium: site of aeneas' death and hero cult "lare aenia" 6th century b.c. tomb / heron, modified in 4th century Publius vergilius maro (70-19 b.c.) Author of: The eclogues (bucolics, ca. 4438 b.c.) The georgics (ca. 37-29 b.c. The aeneid (ca. 2919 b.c.) Roman mosaic, tunis (near carthage): vergil with two muses ...
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