French 202 French Prepositions

French 202 French Prepositions - French Prepositions - to,...

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Unformatted text preview: French Prepositions - to, at, in, into, on, by, for, from, with, indicating Aprs after, behind (time/order), next to, in pursuit of Avant before, in advance of (time/order), in front of, previously Avec- with, at the same time as, along or together with, by means of, by, regarding, against, in spite of Contre-against, versus, contrary to, close up against, near, in exchange for Chez- at, to, in (the house, family, country of), in, with, among, in the service of, at the time of, in the works of (letters), care of Dans- in, within, into, with, through, according to, during, out of, about, De- of, out of, made of, composed of, from, by, with, between, at, for, on account of, concerning, about Derrire- behind, on the other side of Ds- from, since, as early as Devant- before, in front of, over against, opposite to, previous or anterior to Entre- between, betwixt, among, amongst, into Malgr- in spite of, notwithstanding Par- by, through, out of, from, about, in, into, for, for the sake of Parmi- among, amongst, amid, amidst Pour- for, on account of, on behalf of, for the sake of, in the direction of, as regards, as for, in order, although Sans- without, free from, but for, had it not been for, were it not for Sauf- save, except, except for, barring, failing, unless Selon- according to, conformably to, pursuant to Suivant- according to, in accordance with, agreeably to, in pursuance of, in proportion to, conformably to, in the direction of D'aprs- after, from, according to, following Sous- under, beneath, below, on, upon, with, in, by Sur- on, upon, over, above, in, into, on to, on board, towards, about, respecting, concerning, on account of, out of, from ...
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French 202 French Prepositions - French Prepositions - to,...

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