History Since 1865 Quiz #2 Stuff

History Since 1865 Quiz #2 Stuff - The Maine Definition: An...

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The Maine Definition: An American battleship in the Havana harbor that was sunk. It was thought to have been sunk by a Spanish or Cuban mine. 266 men died. Significance: Set off a chain of events including a newspaper in New York publishing a fake telegram supposedly from Spain about the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine. Increased pressures for the U.S. to go to war with Spain and Cuba. Queen Liliukalani Definition: Queen of Hawaii at the time of annexation. .Was a nationalist who wanted to rid the island of American influences. Significance: Was unsuccessful in keeping America out and was overthrown by American sugar planters in 1893. Alfred Thayer Mahan Definition: A navy captain who wrote ideas of how great nations had great navies. He talked about relying on foreign trade for wealth and might and needing to protect foreign markets with cruisers and battleships. Significance: Congress launched a program to rebuild the old navy and make steam vessels out of steel due to Mahan’s persuasion and became the third ranked navy in the world. Open Door Policy Definition: A policy created started with the open door notes. Notes were sent to major powers in Europe asking them to declare formally that they would allow the U.S. free- trade with China without interference. Significance: Did not amount to much other than America’s desires to open closed markets and to keep open markets that other empires had yet to close. Spanish American War (1898)
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History Since 1865 Quiz #2 Stuff - The Maine Definition: An...

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