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History Since 1865 Quiz 4 terms

History Since 1865 Quiz 4 terms - Joseph McCarthy...

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Joseph McCarthy Definition: Republican from Wisconsin who claimed to have a list of communists in the state department. He challenged person after person, calling them out as a “card carrying communist”. It was said that he “penetrated the iron curtain” of the State Department. He had little evidence behind his claims (beside that which the FBI gave him). Significance: Tapped into fears and hatred of traditional conservatives, catholic leaders and neoisolationists who distrusted all things foreign, liberal or intellectual. Led to “loyalty” oaths being required by a range of fields such as teachers and other state employees. It “opened the valve” of communist hysteria. GI Bill of Rights Definition: Part of the New Deal in 1944. It stated that those with more than two years of service received all tuition and fees plus living expenses for three years of college education. Veterans also received low-interest loans to start businesses or farms of their own and to buy homes. Significance: Provided unparalleled opportunity for returning veterans. By 1948 the government was paying the college costs for almost half of all male students as over 2 million veterans went to college on the GI Bill. The increase in college graduates encouraged a shift from blue to white collar work and self-employment. Accelerated trends that would transform American society into a prosperous, better-educated heavily middle-class suburban nation. Brown v Board of Education Definition: Supreme Court Case in 1954. Oliver Brown was dissatisfied that his daughter Linda had to walk past an all-white school on her way to catch the bus to her segregated black school. Federal judges overturned the case as the segregated school in Topeka met the standards for equality. NAACP appealed case to Supreme Court.
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