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1.22.08- Judaism

1.22.08- Judaism - Israel Stela c 1225 BC the oldest...

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Israel Stela c. 1225 BC - the oldest evidence that the Israelites existed o Deck of Stone o Sat on the king’s highway in Jerusalem o Boasted of king’s accomplishment Solomon demise - Solomon has son, Rehoboam and Jeroboam (no relation thru Solomon) o After Solomon died, people said they would follow Rehoboam only if he was more relaxed as far as labor o Rehoboam goes to advisors and advisors tell him to chill. Then he goes to his friends that are his age—they tell him not to chill because it will make him look weak and Rehoboam told the people that and the people revolt and Israel has a schism (it separates them into 2) o Rehoboam’s kingdom is called Judah (in the south) Only composed of 2 (of the 12) tribes o Jeroboam’s kingdom is called Israel (in the north) Composed of the other 10 tribes of Jacob/Israel o A new class of people emerges as the result of Israel’s split: The prophets Main function (back then) was to be a spokesperson for God They all focused on appeals to unity against idols and intermarriage with foreigners (focus on increased morality) 5 Main prophets of this era (860-720 BC): o Elijah o Elisha o Isaiah o Amos o Hosea At this time, Assyrians began to become powerful and sometime they conquered [Jeroboam’s] Israel (Assyria Invasion 720 BC) o
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