2.12.08- Judaism

2.12.08- Judaism - Aryans"The Noble Ones o A term people...

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- Aryans: “The Noble Ones” o A term people who migrated past the Asian step into India and are credited to founding Hinduism Hitler says (all of following) that the Aryans are the oldest and first civilization on Earth Said they had been migrating westward since 2000 BC from India and finally makes its last stop in Germany— o In other words, the most civilized race lies in Germany o They are pure in appearance and thought Therefore they are white o Said that people in India are darkened because they are dregs or mud people—left behind from the migration He include Semites in the Mud people category “The Jews are without any true culture because they are parasites and they only have other people’s things; they invented religion to disguise the fact that they are parasites and they will kill the host .” Hitler was popular not for his Jew views, but for views on economics and He had plans of getting Germans out of bind that Treaty of Versailles got him into After Prison, Hitler tries to run for president (1930-33 elections) o Hitler instead made Chancellor by then president, von Hindenburg Von Hindenburg dies and Hitler is next up so he combines president and chancellor positions and takes over army (the president’s job) “Fuhur” = Leader (pres/chancel. Combo) o Controls army - Hitler begins to try to get Jews out of Germany (baby steps) o April 1933 Calls for boycott of Jewish businesses Over 400 laws against Jews; trying to make life hard so that they will leave on their own. Jews don’t respond the way he wants because it is home (for them)
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2.12.08- Judaism - Aryans"The Noble Ones o A term people...

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