2.7.08- Judaism

2.7.08- Judaism - Charles Darwin o Sir Frances...

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- Charles Darwin o Sir Frances Galton (Darwin’s cousin) Very familiar with Darwin’s work and thought it was mainly with animals, he tried to make connections with Darwin’s work to humanity Humanity acts against what nature is trying to do o EX. We have mercy on the weak and we try to save that which nature tries to kill off Comes up with eugenics Eugenics = “good genes” or “good birth” Methods that promote that which doesn’t stifle what nature does on its own o US—thinks up things like forced sterilization Mainly in CT and CA Thoughts: If people hadn’t been helping Jews, they would have been extinct a looooong time ago Jews were inferior o Scientific (to Galton); they were parasites and the weak ones in society - Anti-Semitism vs. Anti-Judaism o Anti-Semitism Against the race of the Semites (from Noah’s son Shem) Worse of the 2 because you cannot change your race (you can convert and no longer be Jewish) o Anti-Judaism Against the religion of Judaism o Jews start being regarded as parasites - Dreyfus Affair (1894-1906) o There was a French Jew and he was charged by the government with giving secrets to the Germans. He was bought on trial and it received world wide press. He was acquitted of the crime. Most people in the world thought that Dreyfus did this crime—the stigma stuck and he became
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2.7.08- Judaism - Charles Darwin o Sir Frances...

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