2.5.08- Judaism - TimeLine 70 AD o Destruction of 2nd...

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TimeLine - 70 AD o Destruction of 2 nd temple o Adversus Judaios - 313 AD o Edict of Milan Allows Christians to be public in their faith - 350 o St. John Chriseston Bishop that writes series of articles and sermons and spreads anti- Semitism (killed God, dogs, infidels, and to kill the Jews because they killed God ) Since Jews lost the covenant, they are fit for slaughter o Changes with St. Augustine (400 AD) - 395 AD o Christianity is official religion on Roman empire - 400AD: St. Augustine o Used a method of Bible study typology ::Old testament foreshadows the new—we see types in the old testament that get fulfilled in the new o Reads Cain and Abel and sees that that is coming to fruition in his time Cain (Jews), Abel (Christians) Meaning just as God sent Cain to wander the earth, so shall the Jews and they shall have no home either Became official policy of empire for YEARS Jews become merchants because they have a wandering lifestyle They become so good at it that…. - 800 AD o Charlemagne recruits Jews in his empire as merchants and the church HATES it Meanwhile… - 632 AD o Islam starts in the Arabian region and in 100 years it gets all the way to Spain and by 732 AD its spread throughout Europe o Jews were able to find sanctuary under Muslim empire Muslims didn’t believe in Deicide and that Jesus did not die he just went to heaven - 900 AD
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2.5.08- Judaism - TimeLine 70 AD o Destruction of 2nd...

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