1.29.08- Judaism

1.29.08- Judaism - History after the Exile - After 2nd...

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History after the Exile - After 2 nd temple and Ezra o Torah recognized as authorative post-temple/Ezra Torah becomes the official document for being a Jew in post 2 nd temple living Similar to our constitution Alexander the Great comes in to try to Hellenize Palestine/Jew land o Torah makes high priest (a descendent of Aaron) a central administrative position Has to be both religious and political leader by default (king is still in exile with Cyrus) o Torah provides precedent for law o Who was allowed to return to Israel? Priest running a theocracy Need for interpretation Soferim : “scribes” literate intellectuals who can interpret law Development of oral torah Occupation : - 332-323 BC o Alexander the Great Conquest was to Hellenize efforts (gyms, public baths, language, etc.) - Break up of Alexander’s empire o Seleucis: got Syria, became leader o Antigones: Was over Macedonia and parts of Greece o Ptolemys: Egypt and Palestine Interested in the humanities; not so much war and conquest Time of peace and prosperity for Jews Jews can now focus on these things involving their own culure Gain exposure to Palestinian jews and they work together with Egyptian jews to create Septuagint (aka LXX) o Greek version of Hebrew bible o Contains apocryphal works o Issues with translation Took Hebrew terms and generalized them God in greek is Theos and is no different than g od (lowercase)
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Seleucid takeover - 200 BC, Antiochus III takes Palestine - 175-163 BC, Antiochus IV
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1.29.08- Judaism - History after the Exile - After 2nd...

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