2.26.08- Christianity - Greco-Roman World (GR) - Roman...

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Greco-Roman World (GR) - Roman world that was influenced by Greek culture (1-3 centuries) - “Religion” to a GR citizen o Present vs. GR times Present Dress is characteristic of age o T-shirt, long shorts, gym shoes, goatee, hat, etc. Thinks of like like this: family, friends, job, work, school, clubs, and possibly faith GR citizen 1. Long beard, toga, sandals, 2. Family, friends, work, politics/clubs, but his religion permeates all of the other compartments o Religion is not in one day of the week, but in everything he does - Life in GR World o No middle class; living off income rather than interest o Large slave class (normal (1/3 population) o Most others were poor; many times it was better to be a slave than poor because as a slave you had guaranteed food and shelter o High disease rate o Children often died at birth or shortly after (high infant mortality rate) o Droughts, war, famine were a constant threat o 90% illiteracy (could not read or write) o Most everyone understood that reality was controlled entirely by the gods o Reality hierarchy (triangle; top to bottom) The one god; supreme reality [President Adams] The great gods [Deans] They cover large areas/regions of the empire and are in control of certain abstract principles (wisdom, war, love, etc.) Daimonia gods
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2.26.08- Christianity - Greco-Roman World (GR) - Roman...

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