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3.18.08- Christianity

3.18.08- Christianity - Proto-Orthodoxy Orthodox = right...

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Proto-Orthodoxy - Orthodox = right belief - In Roman empire, most Christians were concerned with “orthopraxy” o Orthopraxy = right ritual/practice o This concern for right belief was because of conviction that Jesus’ resurrection and death was the only way to be saved Eternal faith debates - Rise of 4 main urban centers as Christianity grew in Roman empire o 4 centers came to be called patriarchates and they developed hierarchies where a bishop (episkopos) sat at the top and ruled the urban center in terms of faith and doctrine Under him, he could have any number of deacons (ministers) or presbyters (Elders) Rome (which sat all by itself while others were on eastern coast of Mediterranean?) Spoke Latin which all other patriarchates spoke Greek Alexandria Jerusalem Antioch Constantinople* (added later) These 4 centers (Proto-orthodoxies) competed with heresies (Gnosticism, Marcionism, etc.) or dysfunctions in faith - Constantine and Constantinople o
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