3.6.08- Christianity

3.6.08- Christianity - History 30 AD Death and Resurrection...

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History - 30 AD: Death and Resurrection of Jesus - Romans consider Christianity to be a type of Judaism - Paul - Christianity was seen as strange and dangerous by Rome - New Religion - Rome regarded Christians as cannibals - Christians “ate the body and drank the blood of their leader” - Rome was tolerant of things until it threatened the state - Christianity was seen as “threatening” to the state - -------- Parousia = “ an arrival” - In terms of Christianity, that means the return of Christ; Romans used it to say that it was only for the emperor - -------- Kyrios = “lord” - For Romans, this title only went to the emperor - -------- Soter = “savior” - Again, only for the emperor - To take that away was not only a threat against emperor but also against the gods and if the gods got mad they would wreak havoc on Rome - Jerusalem Council where Paul and friends meet to discuss the gentiles (44 CE) - Nero persecutes Christians (64 AD) - Rome burned and Nero blamed it on the Christians and got away with it - During the reign of Nero, Peter and Paul were martyred Theology How do we treat gentiles? Make then become Jewish? ------ Jews vs. Gentiles
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- Reign of Domitian (81-96 AD) - Book of Revelation was written because of him - Trajan is the emperor of Rome (98 AD) - Goes after Christians - Marcus Aurelius 161 AD - Actively goes after Christians - Septimus Severus was next and wanted one religion—“Religion of the Unconquered Sun” (202 AD) - Constantine-- Emperor of the West comes to power in 312 AD - ΧΡ (greek signs Chi and Rho) to make sound “Chrho” - Wrote Edict of Milan (313 AD) - Gave Christians equal rights - Constantine become emperor of the east (Byzantium) in 324 AD - Makes Constantinople the capital of East - Christianity becomes the official religion of the Roman empire (395 AD) under reign of Theodosius - Fall of Rome in 476 AD as a governmental system due to barbarian attacks from the north - After fall of Rome, Europe enters into the Dark Ages - First Crusade in 1095 - Last Crusade in 1298 - Exhibition of church corruption - Protestant reformation seeds from church
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3.6.08- Christianity - History 30 AD Death and Resurrection...

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