2.28.08- Christianity - Matthew (80-85 AD)- Where Mark...

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Unformatted text preview: Matthew (80-85 AD)- Where Mark shows how Jesus suffers, Matthew sets out to show us how Jesus is the prototypical Jew; the Jewish Messiah who fulfills all Jewish hopes that have been foretold in scripture- Matthew gives a very extensive genealogy of Jesus o Starts off with Abraham The first Jew o Goes thru 14 generations and brings us to King David o Goes thru 14 more generations to Babylonian exile o Then 14 more generations until we get to Jesus Matthew uses the number 14 to signify 14 (double 7= double perfection) and uses 14 generations 3 times o Matthew tried to justify Jesus claim to being the King of the Jews Apparently, this genealogy has issues Matthew omits generations to get the 14 thing going Matt goes to great lengths to make Jesus like Moses (parallels) Matthew gives M source (slaughter of infants by pharaoh/Herod) o Show that Jesus has a life story like Moses and that Jesus fulfills Moses mission Matthew uses 11 fullfillment citations Matthew is not anti-Jewish, but very anti-Jewish leaders (Pharisees, Sadducees, priests) Jesus has come to correct their corruption of the Jewish religion We think that Matthew was Jewish and writing to a Jewish- Christian community Luke (80-90 AD)- The newest of the synoptic o Whoever wrote Luke, also write the Acts of the Apostles The Greek is too similar Luke is the chronicle of Jesus life, Acts is the history of the church- Focus: Jesus is the Savior of the world (not just Israel) o Theophilus = friend or lover of God Luke addresses his books to this person; to set out and show methodically a system that Jesus is going to save the world In both accounts, the temple is the center of everything; God...
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2.28.08- Christianity - Matthew (80-85 AD)- Where Mark...

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