3.20.08- Christianity

3.20.08- Christianity - Terms that go with Canon reading:...

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Terms that go with Canon reading: Pastoral :: Epistles that were claimed to be written by Paul - Ex. 1 and 2 Timothy Heterodox :: Mixture of right beliefs and wrong beliefs as defined by proto-orthodox Vulgate :: Official Latin translation of the Bible (by the Roman Church), completed by Justin; this version of the Bible includes apocryphal works found in the Septuagint - Has books in the Septuagint “Catholic” :: Literally “Universal” Hist. Eccl. :: Literally the history of the Church authored by Eusebios in 4 th century Codex Sinaiticus :: An ancient mss. Of the bible from Sinai, dated 4 th century Montanists :: Early Christian sect who prided themselves on being vessels fro the holy spirit to prophecy thru them especially in the early 2 nd century. They fell out of favor as their prophecies became more and more inaccurate. Exegesis :: Biblical interpretation that strives to extract the real meaning of a text based on its historical and theological contexts Paroclete :: Literally, a “helper,” but in Christian it usually refers to the Holy Spirit Docetic :: The idea that Jesus only appeared human but was not actually a man Inspiration :: In this reading, this is the idea that God “inspired” or moved men to write as He wished Hermeneutical :: Here, the process of biblical interpretation
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Council of Trent (1545-1563) - Bishops could only have one seat - Regulated indulgences o But didn’t get rid of them - Tradition* and scripture go hand in hand o *Talking about tradition since time of apostles “Since Apostles came before scripture, then the 2 should go hand in hand” - Made sacraments official (all 7 of them); Sacrament is something that you
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3.20.08- Christianity - Terms that go with Canon reading:...

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