4.12.07 - Broadcast Journalism (cont'd) Defense against...

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Broadcast Journalism (cont’d) - Defense against defamation o “Truth” Legally, truth is really hard to prove People charged with defamation usually use other kind of defense o Privilege “Public’s right to know” EX. court proceedings, legislative debates, public meetings (like town meetings) o Fair comment and criticism Public arena EX. comedian who is doing an act and critics write about the act and they really say how awful is was, if the comedian sues for libel, the comedian will not win the case - New York Times v. Sullivan (1964) o Gave us definitions of individual who have to prove varying degrees of malice or being uninformed o Public officials Statements made about them… officials have to prove actual malice You can say things about public officials more so than private individuals EX. Governor, Mayor, Senator, etc. o Public figures All-purpose public figures EX. Movie stars, Al Sharpton People who are able to have an impact or influence on public affairs/opinion Limited purpose public figures Need to prove actual malice Much narrower than all-purpose figure and usually has a focus on one topic Bridges between private individuals and public figures o EX. a well known environmentalist out there addressing topics, but the rest of life is quiet and not really in
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4.12.07 - Broadcast Journalism (cont'd) Defense against...

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