3.20.07 - Review Sessions: Test 2 CH. 4-9 03.20.07- TJ- 6-7...

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Review Sessions: Test 2 CH. 4-9 03.20.07- TJ- 6-7 pm SLC 102 03.21.07- Dr. Ben- 5-6 pm, SLC 102 BRING A SMALL CALCULATOR TO TEST! Cable Programming - Major strategies for basic and expanded basic SERVICES o Services = channels ESPN- sports o Stripping Presents same program Mon-Fri @ same time o Counter programming EX. running “chick flicks” the same time as the Super Bowl o Time period blocking Running same genre back to back EX. 4 comedies in a row; UPN line up o Repetition EX. I love NY; Mon @ 9pm and Mon @ 11 - Pay cable o Repetition and “pushing the envelope” EX. Sex and the City ; moved from HBO to basic (or expanded) cable - Cable SYSTEM schedules and concerns o On-channel carriage EX. broadcast channel 2 on Cable channel 2 EX. UPN 69 is on CHANNEL 69 *some channels want to be moved closer to other broadcast channels o Clustering by genre or related genres EX. music channels grouped together MTV VH1 CMT (music) ESPN SpikeTV Food Network (men) o MSO (multiple system operator) ownership or program services as well as systems influence decisions ((ASK FOR AN EXPLANATION IN REVIEW SESSION)) If someone has a financial interest in programming, the cable system will carry [FOX] program and give priority to cable programming that they (FOX) is interested in
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TV News Programming (in two areas: cable and broadcasting) - Takes us where events are happening - Creates massive awareness - Gives viewers the “emotion” of events in addition to information - Shapes the way we perceive events - Not print news read aloud o Has own form and structure o “Packages”- complete stories
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3.20.07 - Review Sessions: Test 2 CH. 4-9 03.20.07- TJ- 6-7...

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