3.8.07 - Radio Programming (cont.) Many radio stations...

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Radio Programming (cont.) - Many radio stations program on hourly rotations o 60 minute cycles - Audience targeting o Advertisers desire certain segments of audience o Demographics Ethnicity, age, gender o Psychographics Attitudes, beliefs, lifestyle o Radio subscribers in future for internet and satellite - Programmers want audience flow across dayparts - Radio syndication in radio programming - Syndicated formats o Music o Talk radio o Sports radio - Syndicated features o Specialized in reports that stations pick up and in drop into their regular program EX. stock market reports Weather reports (from another source other than the radio station) - Radio Network Shows o In 1968, ABC provided four specialized network services of five- minute news and features targeted to specific audiences Offered specialized services ON THE HOUR - Syndicated Talk Shows o Shows played across the nation by various stations o Rush Limbaugh, Larry King, Dr. Laura, Clark Howard, Howard Stern, etc. - Sports Coverage o Regional and nationwide - Music Networks o Over 20 different types of music station - Local Radio o Wide variety of music formats o Some still use “play lists” for music o Information formats Talk News Educational Agricultural
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3.8.07 - Radio Programming (cont.) Many radio stations...

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